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comments screened. [29 Aug 2028|12:00pm]
add this journal to follow the latest usernames found purged or recently purged, a list will be posted a few times a month with the newest names.

do you need help finding usernames for a particular celebrity that isn't listed? comment here!

thank you to everyone who comments with new names or names that were made for all the help with these lists, too!
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*NEW* as of 5/22/19 [22 May 2019|10:10am]
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Celebrity A-Z, updated: 5/22/19 [29 Aug 2017|12:02am]
Celebrity A-Z )
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Initials, Fandom, OOC, First and Last. Updated: 5/22/19 [29 Aug 2017|12:01am]
Initials, Fandom, OOC, First and Last )
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journals that are not yet made* if you see one is made or make one, tell me! [29 Aug 2017|12:00am]
the goal of this post is to help people find usernames for their role without having to ditch a letter or more. please do not make these just to hog or sell, but obviously, you can do what you want!

*At time of posting. )
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